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  • Indie Game Challenge Gamer’s Choice Award (Voted on by the Public)
  • Independent Games Festival Honorable Mention - “Technical Excellence”
  • Independent Games Festival Honorable Mention - “Student Showcase”
  • Inside Gaming Awards Finalist - “Best Indie Game”
  • Gamasutra’s Best of 2011 Honorable Mention - “Top 10 Indie Games”
  • DIYGamer’s Best of 2011 Bronze Medal - “Indie of the Year”
  • DigiPen Game Awards Game of the Year
  • DigiPen Game Awards Best Junior Game
  • DigiPen Game Awards Best Graphics
  • DigiPen Game Awards Best Physics
  • DigiPen Game Awards Best 3D Visual Design
  • DigiPen Game Awards Best

Developer Information

Nitronic Rush is an “experimental, survival driving game” (with wings). It’s the most advanced project I’d worked on to date.
We worked alongside our sister team, “Disco Tank”, whom made the game “Solstice”. Team Disco Tank’s technical director/architect (Robert Onulak) and I worked together to create the “Superdyne” common architecture between our two games. It was additionally used in a couple of homework projects by members of Team Nitronic.

In addition to the architecture, I also worked on some gameplay elements. Among other things, this includes the trick system implementation, achievements, half the level editor (the more data-oriented parts), and the online leaderboards.

The original core team was three programmers, one designer, and one producer. Over time, the producer also worked on code and audio, two more joined to work on music and audio, four artists joined for concept, modeling, and textures, and one more artist for concept.

We worked primarily from May 2010 through November 2011. Typically while carrying a full course load each.

Libraries Used


Team Nitronic

  • Kyle Holdwick - Producer, Audio
  • Chris Barrett - Architecture
  • Andrew Nollan - Graphics
  • Jason Nollan - Physics
  • Andy Kibler - Game Designer
  • Laura Borgen - Concept Art, Texturing
  • Eddie Peters - Concept Art, Modeling, SFX
  • Ariel Gitomer - Concept Art, Modeling
  • Nathan Aldrich - Concept Art, Modeling
  • Chin Fong - Concept Art
  • Jordan Hemenway - Music, SFX
  • MJ Quigley - Music

DigiPen Institute of Technology

  • Ben Ellinger - Game Instructor
  • Claude Comair - President
  • Rachel Rutherford - Team Instructor
  • Chris Peters - Technical Instructor

Team Disco Tank (our sister team)
Kyle Holdwick, Jordan Hemenway, Robert Onulak, Steven Liss, Westley Hennigh

Special Thanks
Josh Davis, Ben Strukus, Casey Spurgeon, Richard Silva, Erik Mohrmann, Chris Howard, Cody Pritchard, Cameron Jacobson, Paul Flores, Josh Claeys, Chin Fong, Shawn Pearce